IT Services and Consultancy

Although CredenceIS deals with many IT related services, below are the few we feel we are really very good at; focus areas are planning, deploying, and maintaining IT Infrastructure including Datacenter building, SAN and NAS storage, Virtualization, Systems Administration, Technical support, Backup and Recovery and Remote Management Solutions.

CredenceIS provides complete solution deployment and support services under its success-proven IT staffing methodology. CredenceIS has also partnered with BIIT Cloud Solution private limited to provide in-house training with top class IT equipment. We are geared-up to take complete ownership of our business partner's IT needs through the complete life cycle - including the requirements analysis activities, post implementation training.

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Project Estimation
Equipment Selection
Deployment Strategies
Procurement and Implementation

CredenceIS IT Services

New technology models founded on the use of private, public, and hybrid clouds; employing controls, trust and compliance up and down the stack; introducing infrastructure standardization and automation wherever possible.

New operational models which imply a revised organization, with new business and technical skills and roles; creation of more horizontal, service-oriented processes; explicit IT alignment with lines-of-business.

Business driven IT solution is represented as a repeatable business activity having a specified outcome, wherein service acts as a self-contained logical unit, may be composed of other services (choreography), and is generally a "black box" to its consumers.

CredenceIS IT Service Excellence provides an ongoing process of managing, monitoring and reporting on technology and the business services it affects, which reduces cost(up to 30 percent), improves service delivery quality and reduces overall IT costs of ownership (up to 20 percent).