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What We Offer

No more wires- 100% Fiber and Wireless means quick and easy installation within minutes. What’s more, with a FAAST solution, you can add as many personal devices as you wish( Laptops, PCs, smartphones) to use the internet without the need for setting up additional infrastructure.
Reliable connectivity is our key differentiator. Access the internet, when you need it, and use it without interruption. Even if a disconnection occurs, our services and technology ensure it is most minimal leaving you to enjoy a seamless internet experience.
Lightning fast, reliable connections, with minimal disruptions, are the hallmarks of our wireless infrastructure.
Our hardware tops in quality and reliability to guarantee consistent and reliable internet connections.
High speed doesn’t translate to high prices, in our case. We offer a range of packages to suit every budget and need. Whether you are a business or a home user, you can be assured of getting the best value for your money.
Our dedicated support team is available to cater to any query or problem you have.

In todays fast world, you really need to be FAAST


“Earlier, I had an internet connection, but it was not stable, it used to get disconnected after couple of hours, but with FAAST Networks, its totally a great experience, in terms of connectivity and speed. ”

Ravi Patil

“As a student, Rising internet costs exhausted my pocket money, but since I have started using FAAST Networks, I am getting good internet speed and I am saving money as well...”

Pushkar Desai

“I am a sales executive and I needed a stable internet with good speed and I needed it in almost every corner of the city, FAAST Networks powered me with its wireless solution and I am happy to use its services.”

George D

About FAAST Networks

FAAST is the Best Broadband Internet Service Provider in Belagavi established with the motto of providing a high-speed and stable internet connection to one and all.

FAAST was founded in 2015 in Belagavi, Karnataka.

The definition of broadband services as simply a high-speed connection to the internet at home is fast changing. Customers today need speed and mobility to access content and information, easily and on-the-go.

This is where FAAST Networks comes in. FAAST Networks services keep people connected at home and on the go.


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